25 July - 3 August
New prints from Craig Martin Wood & Henry the Rabbit. Photography by Harald Holst.


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16 June - 29 June

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Den 2. januar kl. 17:30 åbner Blaa galleri igen med udstillingen Landet Atlantis. Fotograf Gustav Løje udstiller sine billeder, der er fremvisning af kortfilmen UNEMIC, musik of EP lavet af Martin Leonard Böttcher Messell  kl. 19:00, efterfulgt af en opførelse af EP'en landet Atlantis. Kig forbi!


SUNDAY 27th November (1 day exclusive event)

'AN ISSUE OF STRUCTURE', Epidsode 6: The Circle

BLAA GALLERI presents an exhibition by Swedish artist Snövit Hedstierna as part of her on-going art research project (2014 - 2016), 'An Issue of Structure', exploring experiences of gender equality in the top 5 gender equal countries in the world: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. This is the sixth and final session in a series of audio/visual installations which have been exhibited throughout these Nordic countries. The artist has been using spatial and audio installations to address and reveal the discrepancies between statistics and reality, related to gender equality in the North.

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OPENING 11 November, 17:00.
Exhibition runs until 25 November.

Niels Holk Hartnack (b. 1992) and Søren Lilholt (b. 1986) live and work in Copenhagen. Both artists have been educated at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography.

Harald Holst, Henry the Rabbit & Craig Martin Wood

30 October - 6 November
Printmaker Henry the Rabbit and multi media maker Craig Martin Wood have been spending time with German and Japanese ghosts whilst Harald Holst will be sharing a selection of photographs with you.
Blaa Galleri is open Tuesday-Saturday 13:00-18:00 during the exhibition period.
If you would like to learn to make linocut prints in our workshops, please contact: blaagalleri@gmail.com for further information

Unfold / I am the one who waits

OPENING 14 October, 17:00.
Exhibition runs until 28 October

Blaa Galleri present, Unfold, a Belgium based art collective of multi-disciplinarian international artists.
Eva Giolo (BE), R’m Aharoni (ISR), Falcone (IT), Jeroen Vranken (BE) and Pauline Miko (BE)